A Woman’s Personal Fitness

fitness for womenWomen are a diverse group of people and no blanket statement generalizations apply to all of them, however, on the whole, women tend to be conscious of their physical fitness and strive to improve on their personal physical fitness as best they can. It is important for women to know that the ideal exercise routine for women looks different than the ideal exercise routine for men. It is good for women to be conscious of how their bodies exercise differently from men’s so that they can optimize and ensure safety in their workout routines. Below are some pointers for effective women’s workouts.

  • Many women think that they should be running or jogging in order to have a strong cardiovascular system and muscle toning. This is a misconception. Walking is actually better for women than running. This is because running is very high impact on women’s joints, bones and bodily systems. A woman’s body simply responds better to walking than it does to running. Nearly the same amount of calories are burned and the same amount of muscle toning is achieved without the damaging side effects of running.
  • Women naturally have stronger lower bodies than upper bodies. This is the opposite of men, who have stronger upper bodies than lower bodies. This means that it is very important for women not to neglect their upper bodies in their workouts. In order to be physically fit, all extremities must be active. Women need to make a point to exercise their arms by lifting weights, doing push-ups or engaging in a number of other arm exercises.
  • It is good for women to find an equal balance of cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning in their workouts. For cardio, many women enjoy aerobics, Zhumba, dance or a number of other group workouts. For muscle tonight, gym equipment is highly effective.