Women’s Wellness

wellness for womenA women’s health is her greatest ally in a busy world full of challenges. Today’s modern woman carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, and it is nearly impossible to stay on top of everything when her health and energy is low. Women should take great care of their health in order to live the lives they see fit.

Women need to make sure to incorporate vitamins and nutrients into their diets, particularly iron and calcium. Women need iron in order to metabolize properly, and calcium for bone density. Other vitamin and nutrient rich foods are vital as well, such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, herbs and spices.

It is also important for a women to stay up to date on gynecological and breast exams. Women should have a pap smear done once every few years, and should have regular visits to their gynecologist. Mammograms are usually not needed until a women reaches 40, but women should still perform self exams at home.

Men and women alike should eat healthy and exercise, but it is arguably the best way to manage health for a women. A healthy diet of largely fruits and vegetables will create a vitamin and nutrient rich metabolism within a women, and keep her body fat percentage at a healthy level. Regular exercise will promote bodily strength, organ health, good circulation and weight management.

It is important that women do not try to drink as much as their male counterparts as men possess an enzyme that breaks down alcohol which women do not possess. It is thought that this absent enzyme may be the reason that alcohol is associated with cancer in some women. It is, of course, advisable that women should avoid substance abuse of all kinds, but that health advice can be applied to men as well. Women struggling with substance abuse should receive help from drug rehab facilities and alcoholism treatment centers.